eTNT Digital™

Digital Marketing To The Door County Enthusiast Everywhere.

We do a few things and we do them very well.

Our solutions help you reach the Door County fan even if they are not in Door County, that is our specialty. 


Mobile ad campaigns. . (Actually all digital devices.) Local, Regional, National. Targets of your choosing. Starting at $199 for one week. Leveraging our proprietary Door County Social Network It is not possible to reach this national fan-base with print or radio. Very powerful target rich lead generation.

The map image above notes national interaction with ‘two hour’ test ad campaign for a client in Sept. through our network. Results may vary.

166135195 devices Mobile websites. . Why? Example, stats will show one of our clients will have 90% of visits on handheld device in one week. See Packages.
Door County Newsstand Digital Interactive Brochures. . This is the future. No waste. Unlimited copies available. Distribution & Discover. Discover? The above image is that of a copyrighted digital brochure newsstand designed for serendipitous discover. Try it!  Starting about $7.00 a week. A sustainable effort. One digital brochure look-book we promoted and distributed worldwide avoided the destruction of over 117 trees as it was consumed in over 4000 cities. (Via industry formula.)

Hourly consulting, help and strategy sessions.

Quietly helping Door County companies, organizations and emerging brands market to a modern world for years. We are also the lead consultant and behind the scenes support for other agencies and individuals.

Contact us today. We can help your market in amazing ways to the modern world of Door County enthusiasts and those soon to be through channels we have proprietary access to.  As one of our big clients like to say, “99% of the people that love Door County aren’t here 99% of the time. But they are dreaming about it.” We can help you reach them, anywhere! Example, See this ‘Sneak Peek’ in beta Reach out today. 920.256.1951
Of note: We are the exclusive development and marketing agency of record for the Door County Social Network! Hang Tag 1 Side two TIF W Bleed