With so many options available to promote your business, it is hard to know what will have the most impact, or if it will even work at all. Print? Radio? Online? 

Inevitably, it could be some combination of all. But what is the best formula to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing and advertising dollars? Our answer, meet your customers where they are, online, specifically on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The average American spends about 40 minutes a day on Facebook. According to the latest numbers from Facebook.

“Millennials unlock their phones 200 times a day, while the rest of us do so 150 times every 24 hours.”1 When was the last time you checked the paper 100x a day? Or even a week? Or month for that matter? 

It starts with a great website that converts and then consistently driving the right traffic to your website. Through our Door County Social network of nearly 40,000 Door County enthusiast we can target and reach multiples of that to ensure those who would most likely be interested in your offering are reached and presented with it. All at affordable rates and best of all you can actually see your results!

Door County SocialeTNT Digital is the exclusive administrator and advertising agency for the Door County Social network. We have been building our Door County Social network since 2008 (now Channel Door County™ ) and started programming ads through our channels in 2010 for our own family businesses and wow were we happy with the results! In 2011 we started taking on select advertising clients. We have also added some fun products to the Channel Door County.comnetwork, like online magazines and digital brochures, newsstand which are hosted on our exclusive proprietary Door County NewsPixels platform. All this to create a fun place for those who love Door County to connect, share, shop and engage online. Now with our selection of tools and products we can help you target and interact with a local, regional and national interested audience. This effort also aligns with our business’s philosophy on sustainability – we can help many more businesses and organizations move away from marketing paper use and waste.

From the founder’s vision it took (lots of) patience and hard work to and design, position and grow this effort to where it is today. (Our founders interest in digital publishing/advertising goes back to 1995) We’d love to share this knowledge with others in a way that makes sense and adds value. We’d love to hear your challenges and concerns and goals. We feel very strongly we could be of help to you.

Reach out let’s start a conversation today. Thanks Perry – Founder/Publisher/Ad Channel Services.

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