You, You would like to work for a forward thinking org. in a cool, time – flexible position consulting and offering small businesses powerful helpful products. You roll in the digital world and love it.

Us. We have developed a digital channel/engagement tools for those that love Door County across the nation. With the ability to reach back and discover enjoy all that is Door County.

Why? Given that 99% of Door County Lovers aren’t here 99% of the time in 2008 when digital was just taken hold, we came to the conclusion that to reach these 100’s of 1000’s of Door County fans while they dream, scheme, and plan their next Door County visit creating a national digital presence was the ticket. One analogy – if a business wanted to reach golf fans you’d advertise on Golf Channel properties. If a business would like to proactively reach out to Door County fans (ones who not even be searching) you could easily use our National Door County SocialTM Network – and channels and products to influence purchasing decisions in favor of our clients. Powerful network, powerful results.

We offer (among other things) attractive, interactive iconic Door County branded digital ads to a receptive national audience.  See an example of a highly engaging 5-day ad for a local zip line business this page.

This is a Flex-time independent sales market development. Introduce many in our region to our powerful marketing products leveraging our Door County lifestyle brand of products Door County SocialTM Work with our growing team.

Some of our products:

  • Attractive, interactive iconic Door County branded digital ads. Video ads. See ad examples presented through our branded network on this page.
  • Interactive Digital brochures.
  • The National Digital Door County ‘NewsstandTM. For all things Door County to be presented digitally. Our NewspixelsTM Of Door County. A collective national Door County shopping site and more. See product links on this site. 

Notes: We have of 40,000 opt in Door County fans in our channels and can reach 10’s of 1000’s more. Our reach is about 200% higher than the local paper and probably 10x or more larger than any one radio station.

You’ll earn generous commissions and get paid fast.

We are looking for someone that can hit the ground running (ground, phone, email) working virtually is fine some days. This is results based. If you’re polished, roll in the digital world and are results driven contact us today. If you have Door County contacts all the better. If you take great pictures will that would be helpful too. If you have a Linkedin profile please send.

Responsibilities of Independent Digital Marketing Consultant/Sales Person:

The ability to understand the power of our branded digital products and patiently explain them/show them/demo them to a community of small businesses that are making the transition from newspapers and radio to whats next. And this is what’s next.  

Lead generation (we also have current clients to take over and many leads to hand over)

Sales calls, and follow up

Sales pipeline development

Closing the Sale

Payment follow up if needed

Very little Account Management other than as it relates to sales. Once the sale is made just send the info to us asap and we will do the follow-up work. 

When your client is ready to move forward, notify us, we’ll send an email invoice to them from our Door County office for immediate payment. 

To start, we will help design all ads and program targets and demographics for all ads presented through our network. As soon as we are paid you will be paid via Paypal or via check. 

Good citizens who live somewhere in the Door County are encouraged to inquire today.

Questions email or 920-256-0644

The Door County Social Network and channels and managed exclusively by our digital marketing agency, ETNT Digital.



Door County Social    Door County Social Network ad LS1

Zip Line ad 5 days, 11,218 views, 244 likes, 32 comments, 98 shares and 534 clicks thru to your website. This was run for 5 days through our network. This specific ad was at our second level of intensity at only $225 for a the entire 5 days.

The Door County Social Network & our original Door County Social FB page are very powerful marketing tools. Our iconic branded page (boosted) posts get lots of engagement and our digital network interactive ads are presented through this branded network and in doing so gets a much higher level of engagement. (Many ads get 3 – 13 times Facebook’s national engagement rate for the corresponding category.) Engagement varies, this is by intention via various adjustable factors (customers wishes/spend) & network programming.