You can leverage the digital Door County Social™ National Broadcast Network. est. 2008.  You can have your offer your brand ads delivered under our very attractive Door County branding to a large Door County enthusiast base regionally and nationally. This method shows a very high level of ad engagement. As the innovative leader, we deliver digital marketing solutions to Door County businesses that demand results.  

Our network, our channels – not unlike the ‘Golf Channel which reaches a specific passionate niche nationally’ in our case our channels/ads/content/efforts are designed/presented as entertainment for the Door County Lover – all digital since 2008. With 99% of DC lovers not in the county 99% of the time, our targeted pulsating interactive ads are an effective ‘proactive’ way to reach them.

Remember vacation communities all across the nation are looking for that discretionary dollar. Get your offer to ‘top of mind’ and a way for them to react to it in real time 24/7. One day or less from agreement to results! Easy.

We offer exclusive access to the original Door County Social™ National Broadcast Network. 

Special price for last week of May  – limited number available. Promoted Post on our big Door County Facebook channel with 36,000 fans. Just $49 for a post reaching regional and national Door County fans. Then it will also be boosted to reach many more with a personalized targeted audience for your offer. Just $49 right now.  Contact Tracy 920.256.1951 

Starting at just $149 a week or $29.80 a day for 1000’s of targeted digital ads broadcast and pulsated out nationally to an interested audience.

2 1/2 days of results of a ‘Sprinkling Rain’ ad running for a local resort. May 19 – 21

2 1/2 Days / 9534 people reached

4424 Videos viewed

303 clicks to resorts website.

123 likes / 24 shares / 4 comments

The best part is that these are interactive ads with live links back to your website.  Offering the benefit of the best of both worlds, brand recognition and web traffic. The right customers are able to react in real time 24/7 to your ads and they also have the added benefit of building brands awareness. *Each special includes ‘THOUSANDS’ of interactive ads personalized to your offer. Designed, programmed, targeted and pulsated out over five days. Targeted through our networks of 10’s of thousands Door County enthusiasts locally, regionally and nationally on most any digital device – from mobile to a big monitor.

Digital interactive broadcast ad products with increasing levels of intensity. Ad concept & creation included with any 3, 5 day ad level segment buy. Results guaranteed and defined below.**

Dripping Digital RainTM  Effective yes, but lighter than others Just $149 (5 days)

Sprinkling Digital RainTM A consistent message with more frequency than Dripping. Just $225 (5 days)

Pouring Digital RainTM Soaking your message into all devices with much more frequency $349  (5 days) (You know, like that soaking rain that gets into everything!) Even at this level (every level) it outshines other traditional media opportunities by a rainbow or two. Just  $349 (5 days)

Raining Digital Cat & Dogs!TM This is our premium digital ad product. An intense amount of programmed targeted digital ads with our highest level of frequency. Have a big event coming up? Lots of open rooms, a festival, a business or product launch. We can personalize and order an very high level of frequency as to ensure a significantly higher number of people reached and encouraged to interact with your ads. Just  $549 (5 days)  

Digital ad concept and creation (with your content) Reg. $99 now included with any 3, five day ad segment buy.

**Results guaranteed defined. When you leverage our digital ad products we guarantee results under these guidelines. Three, five ads segments are bought and run within a six week period. Best practices. With your content (you provide) we will help shape the concept, creative aspect of your ads (text, choice & format of images and/or videos for best results. The ads must be designed to fit into the structures we suggest and use the digital formatting we know that get results. leveraging our proprietary targeting methods. Under those guidelines and with our experienced innovative digital marketing team (most experience in Door County) we will bring you lead generation, traffic to your website, views or other predetermined goals – if our run of 3, 5 day ad segments don’t bring satisfactory results over a six week period (measured say, against a newspaper ad or radio) we will review, refine, adjust the programming and run the entire ad buy again at no additional cost to you. Contact Tracy today 920.256.1951 results in day!


Book Spring, Summer, Fall Reservations, off seasons specials. A resort client of ours has been having record seasons since using our ad program.

Golf Courses

Advertise Specials, Packages, Events and Season Rates.

Real Estate

Make many more prospective buyers aware of your real estate offerings. Any price range. Luxury is a specialty of ours.


We can help you target and reach any level of employee. From executives to managers. Many may not be ‘looking’ but when presented with a great opportunity in a great community, may become interested.


You provide a unique experience and we’ll let America know about it.


Put your shopping experience on their list.


Tempt their taste buds from afar as they dream of their next visit to Door County or book private events.


Showcase your marina’s unique amenities and keep slips booked all season long.

Effective? Yes. Compare rates. A local radio station is running a ‘special’ for $200 a day.
Local paper? $212.50 for a 3x5 col inch ad one day.

We can bring you near real-time results.

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Tracy Andropolis, Owner/Admin
The Door County Social Network & eTNT Digital are local businesses.

Office at 44 N. Third. Sturgeon Bay. Inside the Door County Social Shop.

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