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Mobile friendly websites, websites that format (are usable on all devices) and are attractive to search engines. If you’re in business these aren’t nice to have, these are a necessity in today’s world. 

Mobile web design that converts
“Millennials unlock their phones 200 times a day, while the rest of us do so 150 times every 24 hours.”When was the last time you checked the paper 100x a day? Week? Month?

Mobile websites and digital marketing meets your audience wherever they are at the exact time they are looking for you.
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Mobile Web Design Is No Longer A "Nice To Have"

It’s a must have.
In 2015 Google officially confirmed that more than half of all web searches happen on mobile vs desktop. It is now a ranking factor in Google search. If your website is not mobile ready, it will rank poorly in search results. Don’t turn away over 1/2 your customers with an outdated website. Contact me to help you keep those customers.

Reach Your Customer Wherever They Are

Powerful Digital Ads Get Results.

Pair your website with our powerful and effective digital ad package. The most effective and affordable advertising in Door County. Only available here through our large and growing Door County Social Network. More web traffic means more business. Targeted, digital ads reach customers where they are, on their mobile device, checking Facebook and Instagram. This laser targeting cannot be achieved via print or radio.  And unlike other forms of advertising, results can be measured in terms of impressions and click-throughs to your website.

Digital Solutions From People You Know and Trust

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Businesses and non-profits have been trusting us with their websites and digital marketing for many years in Door County. And our family has owned businesses in Door County for over 50 years. We understand the ebb and flow of the business market and know that every dollar spent on marketing needs to drive results. We see the real results our services are having on our own family businesses,
we would love to work with you too.

In need of a functional website that engages your customers (or potential customers) and performs on all devices?

We work with some great teams that specialize in mobile friendly sites. We’d be happy to make a referral for your needs. Call Today.

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