Early stats on impressions, interactions, likes and comments.

  • In just four days – 10,665 pages of the Door County Wish Book have been consumed spending an average of 13 seconds per page.
  • Door County Lovers in 114 cities across the United States interacted with and consumed the Wishbook for a avg. of 4 minutes, not including time they linked off to our partners stores/opportunities.
  • In four days 155 links went through to your Christmas book’s store web page, combined from nation digital media buy and Wishbookers!
  • 3560 people in four days saw one of your digital ads that was pulsated out to Door County enthusiasts across the country.
  • 85% of your interaction came from people on mobile (tablet & smart phone) devices.  Also see men vs. woman and age spread below.
  • Note the really nice comments you received on your interactive ads.