Recruitment Packages

Local & National Recruitment Packages To Help You Find Your Next Employee.

Are you a Door County business, nonprofit or other organization in need of hiring an executive, manager or other employee(s) for your team?

Studies show that about 86% of people long for a dream job outside of the one they currently hold. But how do you find them if they aren’t actively looking for you? 

  • With our targeted, digital advertising services.
  • Targeted by interest, demographics, gender, current occupation and other characteristics.
  • We can reach people that are keeping their options open and would love to live in this beautiful community.
  • We can promote your National Hiring Day event to make sure the right people know about it. 
  • Promote your recruitment video, get it seen by people who care. 

Nowadays everyone is tuned in to social media. Did you know that studies show people check their mobile 150 – 200x a day?! Through our digital network we can reach the right individual at work, at home, at play, anywhere. Additionally, someone may know the right person and will share your opportunity with them with a tap of the screen!

Door County SocialWith all that Door County offers, the quality of life – and your great position, we know there is more than one right person out there just waiting for a nudge or a tap on the shoulder to explore something new.

With over 44,000 in our exclusive network and we can reach tens of thousands more through our targeted ads. We present attractive, interactive ads with live, real time links back to your opportunity.

We can also create a simple one page landing page with information about the position, life in Door County, further contact info and links to the job posting and how to apply. 

Interested in learning more about how we can help you find your next quality employee?  Contact me today or call (920) 256-1951.