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The First Net-Zero School In MA 

This NESEA tour featured a new high performance campus in Cambridge. This project is designed to be the first net zero emissions school in Massachusetts and the largest net zero emissions building in the state. The project consists of a middle school and elementary school, district administration offices for the school district, a public library, a public pool and other public functions. The building is the first project under the Net Zero Cambridge Plan, which outlines a framework to be an emission neutral city by 2050.  Specs and more info here link.   Google Search Link To More pics here.

Zero Energy—Coming Soon to a School Near You. 

For those who embrace the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit, zero energy schools are very good news—energy use affects all three of these metrics. Because zero energy schools produce as much energy as they use, they enhance the financial, social, and environmental health and sustainability of the school and the local community. The following link for the Green School National Network and there you’ll find an incredible amount of information and 8 case studies. Link here.

Zero Energy Schools Accelerator ~ A Challenge To Schools Across The Nation

Lots of info and case studies here.



The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground

The first net zero energy school in New York City and one of the first of its kind worldwide. The 68,000-square-foot, two-story school serves 444 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students. The cutting-edge building harvests as much energy from renewable on-site sources as it uses on an annual basis. Specs and more info here link.   Google Search Link To More pics here.

Where do you think the nation’s first net-zero energy K12 school is located?

Los Angeles, San Diego, or maybe Albuquerque? No…the nation’s first net-zero school is in Richardsville, Kentucky. Find out how Warren County Public Schools reached this monumental achievement in the heart of a rural community by taking part in the session featuring guest speaker Mike Wilson, Director of Facilities Warren County Schools. Link here for complete info.

A Building Can Produce More Energy Than It Consumes. Energy Positive. Even better then Net Zero.

In early 2019, it will be the first new office building in Norway which produces more energy than it consumes and also the world’s northernmost energy-positive office building. The Powerhouse definition requires that is produces more clean and renewable energy than needed for construction, production and transportation of building materials and operation over a life cycle of 60 years and, if so, disposal. Link here for complete info.

More… a variety of additional related info. Including some interesting funding ideas. More info will be added after additional research.

Arlington ~ During competitive design procurement, one of the teams suggested a zero energy goal could be accomplished within the given budget. Proponents at the district level who had been championing energy efficiency were receptive because sustainability was a core value of the project from the start, but they were skeptical that it could be done within the budget aimed at LEED Silver. Not only did the project end up coming under budget, including the solar array, but the building is more efficient than the originally predicted. Now Discovery saves $100,000 per year in utility costs, enough to cover the salaries of two teachers.

All Electric Schools Article

Accelerators News

The latest Energy Department breaking news, announcements, and updates featuring Better Buildings Accelerators.

The UK’s first energy-positive classroom, designed with research expertise from Swansea University, generated more than one and a half times the energy it consumed, according to data from its first year of operation, the team has revealed.

Nelson Place Elementary School

The City of Worcester made a commitment to environmental sustainability, targeting net zero energy, to the greatest extent possible within the budget, for Nelson Place Elementary School as part of a bigger Climate Action Plan to reduce Worcester’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Brookline School

Funding ideas. These are similar to ideas we kicked around about 10 years ago when I was the transistion Chair of the local Boys & Girls Club. We also looked into this for a  business looking to get more involved with local communities. 

Public schools cash in with naming rights

Schools say sale of naming rights help save taxpayers money

There could be a variety of safe guards in place, claw backs on the name (leaving money behind) for anything thing neg. tied to business of private donor. For example.

Another sub-catagory I’ll be adding information on is retrofitting buildings/campuses to get to net zero energy/emmissions. 

Here is one feasiblity study to start.