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The 2019 ‘Digital’ Door County Holiday Wish BookTM

This our 5th. Issue, Launches Nationwide Nov 1, 2019. Limited space available. Now $250 OFF reg. Just $84 a week for 6 weeks promoted to a national audience.

Neiman Marcus had one Door County needed one! See a past edition TAP here 

Present your dreamy real estate, hospitality opportunity, your goods, gift ideas, tickets, non-profit, gift certificates to a nation of Door County fans. 

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A Group Of Digital Properties Designed Exclusively For The Global Door County Enthusiast.

Our digital Door County network ~ Conceived, born and grown in Door County! Est. 2008.



  • A full-page, full color, live interactive promotion (actively promoted until Christmas eve) ad page with a live link to your site. offer etc.. pulsated out across the country to a large community of Door County enthusiasts while they dream about & plan their next visit.
  • We have over 45,000 Door County fans in our digital marketing channels.
  • Enjoyable on all devices, and designed especially for big smart TVs in living rooms across America. Door County Digital Advertising
    ● Zero paper waste with this product.

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  • Our Wish Books designed a visual ‘entertainment’ allowing 24/7 interactivity with your ad/promotion globally.

Enjoyed In Hundreds Of Cities Around The United States.

The past Door County Dreaming Wish Books are archived and continue to be interacted with years later – this not possible with paper media. Reach the enthusiasts while they are dreaming, planning scheming their next visit to Door County over the winter. Be discovered – get on their ‘digital’ radar. A pulsating (across the country) full-page full-color interactive ad page. With a live link back to your opportunity for real-time action/inquiries/lead generation. You also have the option to embed an existing video about your effort.



Enjoy our past Issues here. Be sure to enjoy them on your biggest screen, including your SMART TV. Yes, please cast our Wish Books or NewsPixels to your Smart TV and enjoy! All our past Wish Books are archived and still live & still getting views. From big smart TVs to mobile. Links to all archived issues below and on other sites.

Leverage our™  an e-commerce solution for the world to discover and enjoy, partake all things emanating from & happening in Door County, U.S.A. A tool for any on the peninsula to use as a sales channel to expose their offerings to a new audience. Goods, products, homes and businesses especially by owner, services, experiences, music, tickets for events, artwork, photography, e-books, collectibles, gift certificates and nonprofit efforts. A mini for the Door County experience. TAP 

Since 2008 eTnT Digital has striven to be the leader in innovative digital media products. We are the local founders, admin., growers of The Door County Channel(s), aka the digital Door County Network.   Door County Social™ via The Door County Channel™ has been interacting with Door County fans since 2006 (a blog) and launched our FB page in 2008. See all our products on the menu above… Join us to have a national presence for this holiday season in our really cool and highly engaging Door County Wish Book made available on all devices but designed especially to be enjoyed on big Smart TV’s in living around by Door County lovers around the nation. 66% of homes have a Smart TV and everyone loves Door County and match made in heaven.

Enabled via our custom NewsPixels™ platform. See the latest Issue on this page.

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Interested in being published? We will open to suggestions for some wintery Door County content to include in our unique Wish Book. Pictures short videos, poems, memories, short stories etc…